Rafael is truly a many-sided artist! Admired for his talents in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lausanne to Monte Carlo. Magic inspires him at a very early age, setting up his first show at the age of 9.
Rafael sure makes an impression on his audience; certainly not as an ordinary magician, rather a daring one.The mime and circus school, courses in diction, dramatic arts and commedia del’arte and several seminars abroad, shaped Rafael into a master of many trades who can fill his audience with enthusiasm and theatres with waves of laughter.
Very soon he is asked to perform in theatre and TV shows (like Videodinges, Coupe Margriet, etc. on Flemish Television).
His defin
ite breakthrough follows with his appearance in shows with pop group Fabiola 2, where lead-singer Zohra floats in the air singing the international hit “Magic Flight”.  An impressing list of prizes makes him one of the top magicians in the present magic scene.

After winning the highest Belgian award for ‘close-up’ at the VMU-meeting for Flemish editors in 1995 he is rewarded one year later with the prestigious Magic Award as the first Belgian magician, making him one of the most original and best illusionist-magicians of the last five years. With his originality and drive he earns the respect of top colleagues. Rafael’s inspiration never dries up and is used in his acts as children animator, extremely funny street magician, mass-entertainer, mysterious mentalist and stand-up comedian. 
On top of that he tours since October 1997 in Cultural Centres with his magical theatre play for children, named Spooky.In 1998 Rafael creates several new acts. He shows his teeth as Dracula in TV-shows like “Abracadabra” (Flanders), the very popular “Knof-Hoff”-show (Germany) and the game show “Drôle de Jeu” (France).In 1999 Rafael wins the ‘Les Anneaux d’Argent’ in Lausanne. In 1999 he was for the third consecutive year the magical guest in the Red Pepper Summer-Circus of Flemish Radio Donna.
That year he fascinated audiences with his dazzling Houdini escape act, also in the “Het Witte Paard”-show [“White Horse Show”].
  2000 brings new challenges, an own theatre show in Plopsaland, and tons of new inspiration for new acts for himself and other artists.

The secret of his success? Hard work and an open mind, to the world and the others. During the course of 2002 his photograph is regularly to be seen adorning the posters of the major International Theatre shows. The highlights are undoubtedly his string of gala performances at the Princess Grace Theatre in Monaco in front of a.o. the Royal Family as also in Shanghai during the International Chinese Magic & Art Festival. For the musical “Aladdin”, Rafael not only created and designed the flying carpet but also took care of the special effects.
Summer 2002: during the afternoon a couple of his illusionist performances at the Boudewijnpark located near Brugge, and in the evening we see him at work in the Caals & Van Vooren Summer Show in Blankenberge.

An impressive list of prizes makes him one of the top magicians in the present magic scene. A few of his awards include: the prestigious Magic Award for best magician in Belgium. The Mandrake d’or in Paris and in 2005 Rafael won in Las Vegas, with his comedy ‘Magic dove Act’, the” Siegfried & Roy Golden Lion award”. He is a true master in hilarious improvisations, with an awesome sense for originality, humor and imagination.